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Top 5 Places To Do Yoga In Dublin


One of the more popular fitness fads in the last ten years has been the wave of yoga sweeping the nation. One of the most popular demands we get in Jacobs Inn, Dublin's premier youth hostel is, 'where can we find yoga classes'. Now we have been known from time to time to put them on in here in the hostel ourselves, which you guys loved but when we aren't putting on a class, here are 5 places that you can get a few classes in.

Yoga Hub

This is located on the south side of the river and can be tricky to find for first timers. However, you will be rewarded with some of the best yoga teachers in the city. Try the hot flow yoga with Chris Flack, he's a great teach and you'll really feel the burn.

Ashtanga Yoga

This is one of Jacobs Inn Dublin's favourite places in the city to grab a quick class. Here you will find a super welcoming community of like minded people and skillful teachers. You can walk here pretty quickly and well worth the pavement pounding if you as us.

The Elbowroom

This is a unique enough spot as it also caters to kids and mums. Yoga for all I guess. The only downside is that if you are limited to being on foot only, that you might find it a 30 minute walk. However, you're in luck. The Luas that stops just outside Jacobs Inn Dublin will bring you directly to Smithfield where you will only have a few meters to walk to get to the front door.


This yoga studio is really a hit with the workers in the area. They do lunch time slots for only €10 meaning that they can beat that afternoon slump by spending their break emptying their minds. The teachers here have worked with some of our staff and are highly recommended, professional and friendly.

Dublin Holistic Centre

These guys are based in one of the best cultural districts in Dublin. If you really want a balanced life, you can grab a class here and pop on down the road to Grogans, the writers/poets haunt of Dublin for what is Dublin's best pint of Guinness (arguably). Classes here are reasonable and the setting is ambient for being right in the heart of the city.

Now if you aren't the seasoned yogi you want to be, then this might just be the place for you. Right in the heart of the city you will find plenty of classes that are aimed towards those of you who are complete beginners. Maybe an hour long session is too much for you, then this is right up your alley. Shortened classes and a hands on approach.


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