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The Full Irish Breakfast


                The pints poured freely last night.  Laughter seasoned the air and toes tapped generously to the beats of the bodhran well into the wee hours, and now you’re paying the ultimate bill; a hangover that grips your very soul but was well worth every second.  There’s only one time tested and perfect cure for a proper Irish hangover – The Full Irish Breakfast.   A mess of runny eggs, rasher bacon, sausages, black and white pudding, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms all fried in delicious, creamy butter. 

                While the ingredients may be under dispute from family to family (potatoes or no potatoes with your fry-up? Toast or soda bread?) everyone agrees it must be the best quality of ingredients.  Families will have their preferred butchers to get the fry in and are likely to squabble over who is making the best sausages these days. 


The Goods: What’s what in the Full Irish.


                Breakfast always starts with the eggs.  Golden spheres of deliciousness that are fried until the whites are firm and the yolk is just a bit runny – great for being sopped up by buttery toast.  Sure, scrambled are great too, but your hangover needs the messiness of a fried egg.  Next to that is the thin, short Irish sausage that is fatty and cooked to a golden brown.  The bacon rasher is salty, cooked crisp – but not too crisp – with or without the rind attached, it skyrockets your sodium levels in the tastiest of ways.  Finally, the piece de resistance, the black and white pudding.  Medallions of cooked blood, oat, and suet – they will never sound appetizing to someone who’s never tried it, trust us.  Those of us who indulge in the pudding know how great it is.  The black pudding should be eaten with the runny yolk or the fried tomato, and this writer suggests spreading the white pudding on a slice of buttered toast.  You won’t regret it – your cardiologist might though. 


Dig In: The Best Spots in Dublin for a Full Irish


                There are plenty of places in Dublin that will fry up an Irish brekkie for you, but we want you to have the best.  Here are the top three places in Dublin that do a wicked fry that will cure your wicked hangover, or fuel you for a vigorous day of sightseeing!


  1. The Bakehouse.  This quaint eatery right on the river proudly serves brunch daily and is open until 6pm.  The pastel colour scheme can throw you off when seeking a big dirty fry, but this place serves the biggest and one of the best breakfasts in town.  Their fresh squeezed OJ and sweet treats baked in house top it all off. 

    The Bakehouse, 6 Bachelor’s Way, Dublin 1, Ireland, +353 1 873 4279


  2. The Queen of Tarts.  To begin with, we love the name.  The Queen of Tarts has been feeding Dublin delicious breakfasts, lunches and treats since 1998.  With a warm and friendly atmosphere, this is a great central location to get your rasher on!

    Queen of Tarts, Cows Lane, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland, +353 1 633 4681


  3. Lemon Jelly Café.  While we thought about adding a pub to our list (because the best cure for a Guinness hangover is an Irish Breakfast served with another pint!) we couldn’t ignore the charm and flavour of Lemon Jelly’s all-day breakfast.  That’s right.  All day!  Tucked away from the hustle of Jervis Station, this café still gets quite busy but with ample seating and a big menu, this is the place to hit after your night out.

    Lemon Jelly Café, Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1, Ireland.  +353 1 873 5161

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