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The difference between them and other companies is that they use electric bikes to bring the stories of Dublin alive for visitors to our capital.

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As an activity it allows those who are curious about our city, to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dublin in a way that really immerses you into Dublin life. The tours are fully guided, they last approx 2 hours, with plenty of time for photographs and because they use electric bikes, it is a fun accessible activity for all. They are fully insured and the idea behind the tour is that they can cover a large area easily, giving visitors a great orientation around the city in an informative stress free manner. Ideal for those who wish to make use of their time wisely. Tours are given by local guides and although they give a history of our capital it is delivered with typical Dublin wit through a story telling interactive style. As an experience they will show a side of Dublin that is not necessarily mentioned in the guidebooks, so whether the tour is taken as an individual or group, you should come away feeling that you have found out a little more than a non Lazy Bike Tour sightseer! They cater for groups of up to 10 people at a time so the group size is purposely intimate. This means that they are very tailored in their approach, giving visitors lots of time to ask questions. They guarantee that you will not be lost in the crowd and with the tales we have to tell, you most definitely will not be bored off your e- bike!! The starting/finishing point is at their base in No 4 Scarlet Row, Essex Street West, Temple Bar, D.8, in one of the most historic parts of the city, where Dublin was first established over a millenia ago. There is no better way to discover and explore an area than by cycling.they always look forward to showing visitors around our streets, and by using their electric bikes you will have lots of time and energy to take in more attractions afterwards! For bookings or further information check us out on You can also book through their Facebook page.

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From all the guys in The Lazy Bike Tours Team they look forward to seeing you soon!

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