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St. Patrick’s Festival 2016 Dublin


St. Patrick’s day or St. Patty’s day as the north American’s like to call it (disclaimer.- all Irish people aren’t a huge fan of the whole St. patty’s day thing, stick with the traditional St. Patrick’s and everyone is a winner )

The Parade

If you happen to be part of the lucky few who grace our shores this St. Patrick’s day, you may be wondering what is in store for all who visit. Fun frolics and a hell of a good time are probably the answers you are hoping for . I assure you we won’t disappoint.Why not start the day off right with liquid Breakfast aka Guinness!You could also help the day go more smoother by eating a hearty Irish breakfast, bacon , sausages, soda farls, fried tomatoes , black and white puddingThen paint yourself green, don any clothing with a green tint, get that ridiculous hat on and head off to the parade. 

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