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Craft beer has hit Dublin in a big way over the few years. Once seen as a slightly pretentious choice by our usual Guinness-drinking locals, craft beer has now become the respectable and sought-after drink of choice. And with a plethora of options open to us, it’s easy to see why.

Craft beer-specific bars have been cropping up all over the city at such an extent that it is now almost overly-saturated. However, there are still some great bars that are well worth your time. Mulligans in Smithfield is probably the best option. They have over 100 different craft beers available and, to make things even better, the majority of the staff there are brewers themselves. As a result, once every few weeks, one of the staff’s personal brews are available on tap, offering you a completely unique beer that you have never had before and will never have again.

In the city centre, there is the holy trinity of The Brew Dock, The Black Sheep and Against the Grain. These bars are all owned by the same company, but each offers a completely different atmosphere. The Brew Dock is just 30 seconds away from the hostel. On the ground floor, it is a bustling, intimate bar that buzzes with constant activity. Upstairs is a small restaurant, offering great food at great rates. They can even recommend different beers based on what you’re eating — so you can feel as cultured as a wine-drinker, but without having to drink wine. Who would want to drink wine, right?

The Black Sheep Parnell Street is more open, and centred around the abundance of board games they have available. Situated next to the cinema, it also boasts a number of people debating the films they’ve just seen, and that’s always fun! Against the Grain is the most popular of the three, being the first one to open, and its location on Aungier Street. Dimly lit, dripping with atmosphere, and always drawing a fun crowd, any fan of craft beer should visit this bar.

There are many other bars offering great craft beer — the newly opened JP Sweetmans, the Beer House and many others. However, the best way to experience the craft beer in Dublin, is to take the new Brew Legacy tour. It’s completely free and offers up knowledge on the history of Dublin’s brewing, the craft beer revolution, the brewing process and much more. You will also get free samples of craft beer whilst your guide explains everything in depth in a fun and interesting fashion. This tour, like I said, is completely free, and runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 3pm, starting at The Mercantile on Dame Street.

So, rid yourself of the Guinness stereotype, and join us on a craft tour to open your eyes and taste buds!

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