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10 Great Places To Visit In Dublin That Won't Cost You A Cent

We're not silly, we know just how expensive Dublin can really be. Staying in hostels is a great way to meet people but also a great way to save money, we know that! What we want to do is to help you to save even more money so that you have some extra change left over for going on our Pub Crawl or bringing some of your beers into the hostel.

The Science Gallery

Open most days and its never really the same. From time to time you will see different showcases and exhibitions taking place within. Some look at various disasters around the world, materials that are shaping science and some are even interactive. The truth is, you never really know what you will find. Located at the edge of Trinity College, this is a perfect addition to a walk around the campus of Trinity.

The Great South Wall

One of the lesser travelled places in Ireland yet you will find plenty of people here. Why? Well those who know it, keep walking back as you don't have to travel too far from the city to get some fresh air. The trick is to walk all the way along the wall to the very end where you will be rewarded with the Poolbeg lighthouse.

Iveagh Gardens

This was a piece of property we believe was originally part of the Guinness famillies assets. Now it is a public park where you can roam freely and enjoy the fountains, archery pits, gravel paths and a quiet place to reflect on everything. Home to some stunning events and concerts too, it's a worthy stroll and one worth bringing the camera along with you to capture the stunning beauty of it.

Irish Museum of Modern Art

I can't lie to you, modern art and I have never really seen eye to eye but I guess that's the point isn't it? You're not supposed to really get it, it's meant to confuse you or at least make you think. Well if it's your thing as I know if is for many, then this is the place for you! Won't cost you a thing and it's set in the old royal hospital meaning even if you think the art is sh*t, then you can at least reflect in just how gorgeous the surroundings are.

The National Museum of Ireland

All completely free, you'll learn loads, you'll see plenty of Irish heritage and its so well documented that you won't need to have the assistance of a guide to make sense of any of it. There are various sections of it so simply look them up online and see which appeals to you most as they are spread throughout the various parts of the city.

Garden of Remembrance

This is a garden that was erected to commemorate those who died in the fight for Irish freedom from British colonial rule that spanned well over 800 years. Now, I will admit there there isn't much to see here apart from a large monument of swans and a poem in gold. But it's a great place to chill out, eat your sadwich and remember those who died for freedom, or at least what they pictured it would look like all those many years ago.

The City Streets

Ok, no way! (sarcastic tones detected). This is an obvious one but for those of you who don't know, most of the Dublin you see around you was built up as you see it in Victorain and Georgian times. If you go to and look up many of the cities trails, you will find plenty of free trails and information that will lead you through the Easter Rising for independance and the landing of the vikings to name a few. Essentially, I'm telling you to be your own guide.

Phoenix Park

Anyone from Dublin reading this blog was waiting for this one. It's a huge open expanse of space, think of all the possibilities. Realistically though you haev plenty of walks, trees, wild deer, large monuments, football fields, small lakes, rose gardens and much more to keep you occupied. It takes a long time to walk its entire length but hey, if you have nothing better to be doing, then why not!

DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama

I went to DIT many moons ago and in doing so, was one of those Student Union fellows looking for your vote. That's right, I got busy in student politics but ended up just running a load of parties. Anyway, one thing I did leard was that every Monday there is a free concert you can sign up to sit in on. These guys are top notch and its a great way to take the Monday blues away even if you are travelling and have absolutely no idea what bloody day it is. You'll need to sign up here in advance though.

Dublin Castle

This was previously the head quarters of the British Empire in Dublin. Now it stands as a reminder of our history but also a variety of free things to do. You can check out the Chester Beaty library, where you'll find priceless artifacts from all over the world. Now keep in mind that only a small selection was ever put on display and noone was ever really trusted to research and unearth the history behind the rest of the priceless collection.
Enjoy the penny pinching.
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