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Dublin’s Best Pub Crawl

So I have the momentous priviledge of working two Jobs, One here at the glorious reception of Jacobs Inn and Isaacs hostel. The busiest and best backpackers in town. I get to meet people from all over the world on a daily basis! This is who I am by day…..by night I am transformed into the Slurms McKenzie of Dublin (If you don’t get that Futurama reference) I work for Hostelculture as a professional PUB CRAWL guide! This involves again meeting the same people I check in during the day but this time we get to partayyyy!! This is incredible fun for both parties involved, me I get to know my guest on a more personal level and can find out their deepest darkest secrets 😛 only to use it against them the next morning at reception 🙂

I will now take you on a whirlwind walk through of the pub crawl experience, but you are better sampling it in real life!

We typically meet between 8pm and 9pm at the Mercantile Pub at 28 Dame Street./ This is located near to the Central Bank and Trinity College. Here you are greeted by your professional and sexy guides( matter of opinion of course) upon presentation of your ticket which you get at your local Dublin’s Best Hostels Hostel you will receive both a funky wristband and a ticket which can be used to redeem your Free Welcome Guinness.What better way to start the night.? Meeting fellow pub crawlers, this is a key ingredient for the rest of your pub crawl experience, so I suggest getting there early to the start, this way you have more time to mingle and will enjoy the experience more.You also get drink specials in each bar so taking the time to sample each one is advised.

After this there is a short introduction to Dublin from our guides, explaining the drink specials, (a short bit of info on drinking responsibly ) and from there we move onto the next bar, usually the Old Storehouse. In the heart of Temple Bar area we are greeted with a free shot upon entry. My favourite drink is on special in this bar. Irish whiskey with Red lemonade! Red Lemonade is a staple of many an Irish person and should be sampled by all weary travellers. It will give you a bit of pep in your step.! This bar has some of the best Trad music in town, fiddels bodhrans, guitars and tin whistles can all be seen here! Robbie one of my favourite barmen is also here for the CRAIC..(this means fun in irish).

Jacobs inn Pub crawlThe next pub on our crawl is usually Peader Kearneys , here the illustrious singer Brian Brody, belts out any song you can think of, his voice is renowned to carry to the furthest corner of the room. His enthusiam and love of Irish songs is legendary. Peader Kearney was the author of the Irish national anthem and this pub actually used to be his residence in Dublin. We get to play ( what I feel should be by now a professional Olympic sport) of Beer pong and/or Flip cup! A staple of many American/Canadian/Australian parties has been adopted by the Irish, and might I say we are very talented at it!.

Next Stop is Whelans pub , the most famous of Irish rock bars. This place has many local irish people and is immense in size! It is also famous for many movies , such as the down and out story of the Irish Blues band,The Commitments. This movie was filmed here along with Cecila Ahern’s famous love story P.S I love you!! Yes ladies this is the very stage that Gerard Butler sang his famous Galway Girl song…(with a terrible Irish accent) An authentic Irish accent is much much better.

The last stop on our crawl is at a nightclub where you can dance the night away ! There is free entry in and no queueing for all pub crawlers! Wow you say…wow! It is in one of Dublin’s best Nightclubs! Three levels of ladies, men and jaegerbombs!

Disclaimer : Pub crawl does not cover loss of memory or gain of girlfriend/boyfriend

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